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Best Rodent Pest Control In Nerul

Rodents are very dangerous pests at home. They're carrying deadly diseases at home and make impure food in the kitchen or places where foods are storing. Also, they spread numbers of dangerous diseases such as Tuberculosis, Plague, Salmonella, Leptospirosis (Weil's disease), and even tapeworms. Therefore, you need to contact the best rodent pest control in Nerul, to eradicate rodent (rats) from your home.

Affordable Rodent Pest Control Services In Nerul

Nerul Pests is the most popular and well-established pest control company that offers a hygienic, safe, and eco-friendly Rodent pest control in Nerul, at a nominal price so that all of our customers can get the benefits. Our team of expert pest control technicians will help you to remove rodents (rats) from your home or offices or commercial properties. Do you know, Rodents like rats and mice are mischievous little creatures that can cause havoc in your house or office. The destruction that rats have caused to humans and crops is unfathomable. One of the deadliest diseases caused by these little creatures is the plague. Rodents are intelligent creatures and are found his huge numbers where food is easily available to them.

Hence, they are mostly found near the human habitat, especially in cramped up areas or garbage dumps which provides ample opportunity for these sneaky creatures to hide. So rodents (also, called rates) are found in homes, offices, factories, storage facilities, restaurants, godowns, shops, etc. Contact the best Rodent pest control services in Nerul, like us (Nerul Pests).

Nerul Pests provides you the below solutions for Rat Pest Control:

We're one of the trusted and eco-friendly rodent pest control services in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. The solutions we provide are carried out by integrating and amalgamating successfully proven rodent elimination techniques like poison baiting, trapping, and mechanical solutions depending on the infestation level and feasibility of the infested area.


In this method, our expert will place a bait material mixed with poison for rodents in different locations of your property infested by rats. As the rats consume the bait, they will begin to die within 2-4 days.

Mechanical Solutions:

Most rodents tend to climb walls and enter your home with the support of pipes. Hence, have designed special rat guards which are fitted in round shape on drainage pipes of your home/office. Due to this rats cannot climb over the pipes. This can be used when there is a rampant issue of rats in entire buildings or offices.

Chemical Control:

Chemical control using rodenticides for larger infestations of rodents to mass kill these creatures. The menace has to be tackled and nipped in the bud before it's too late. So why are you waiting? Call immediately Nerul Pests Control services right away! Contact Us.