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Affordable Lizard Pest Control In Nerul

Nerul Pest is a reputed and established pest control company that offers a safe lizard pest control in Nerul, at a cost-effective price for all customers. Lizards are common pests at homes, offices, factories, and offices. These are mostly occurring in and around the home, commercial offices, and residential property. These insects are not dangerous for humans directly and these pests will not bite. But it may be very harmful if it falls into food items and died insides which make the whole food items into poison. Also, house lizards carry bacteria, known as Salmonella. This Salmonella bacteria can make a human illness.

These bacteria can spread from lizards by direct or indirect contact with this reptile. The urine, saliva or the droppings of the lizard can also spread Salmonella infection among the people in your offices, or home. Therefore, most people such as kids and many adults at home, are scared of the lizard. There are various types of lizard will be seeing in and around our home and office premises.

When you see such kind of lizard at your home in your locality, contact immediately our pest control team for lizard pest control in Nerul. We do eco-friendly and safe pest control services near me across Nerul, India.

Lizards are not directly responsible for any serious diseases. These are creepy cold-blooded reptiles but often determined as pests. Lizard leaves behind its eggs and droppings at completely surprising places such as between the clothes in our closets, leading to a foul smell. Lizard droppings can stick to garments, carpets, and clothes which can be unhygienic and very harmful. These are mostly seen in the evening or at night. Being repellently smooth and obsequious creatures, they can enter through small gaps, cracks of windows, and small holes of doors or any other holes in the house.

Nerul Pests provides you with several solutions to control Lizard's infestation in your home, building, office, or any other commercial property. We use the most effective spray and government-approved chemicals to eradicate lizards at your places.

Use our expert tips and techniques to keep your home or office lizard-free environments:

Step 1: Make the Home or Office inhospitable to Lizards

Keep your home or office clean is the best solution to control lizards at your place. Remember, a messy house gives an invitation to lizards to enter into the home, providing both a hiding place and food storage area for them. Take care of upswept floors, garbage, boxes, and piles of magazines. Turn the heat down as these nasty creatures like warmth.

Step 2: Don't Let Lizard Get into Your Place

Most of the lizards can squish their reptile's bodies pretty small and enter into your home through cracks, windows or doors small holes, and more. Inspect the outside of your hose and look for any cracks and holes. If you noticed any such kind of signs, fill the cracks, spaces with some calk, fix holes in screens and repair old doors or windows.

Step 3: Don't Store Foods for the Lizards

Lizard eats different types of pests in and outsides of the house. So, to eradicate lizards, eliminate its foods such as all pests like testy bugs, warms, and ants, etc. Also, to eradicate the lizard's foods, keep your home or offices area clean - free of dirt and dust. Or you can get a cat to eliminate lizard.

Step 4: Make the Environment Unpleasant for Lizards

Lizards are adoring well-lighted areas. Turn off the lights and keep places where you usually see lizards, dark. Lizards are cool-blooded animals and love warm, unpleasantly warm, and humid places. Therefore, good tips to keep maintain your AC or Cooler temperature in the home.

Step 5: Remove Standing Water

Empty pots, bowls, and buckets that hold standing water are breeding grounds for insects that attract lizards to enter your property. Therefore, some tips to manage good hygienic, empty all items that can hold standing water.

Step 6: Repellent Plants to Eradicate Lizards in House

Yes, plants can help you keep lizards out of your home. Here are few lists of plants list as follows' Mentha Piperita, Peppermint, Rue, Herb-of-grace, Ruta Graveolens, Eucalyptus, Nilgiri, Mentha Arvensis, Japanese Mint, Pencil Tree, and Euphorbia tirucalli.